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Flying Car Doors

The windy city of Mountain Home damages car doors and fenders.

Vehicle doors removed for replacement. Technician is completing the repairs
Tech Auto Body technician repairing door.

It's been a windy these past weeks. As residents in Mountain Home, Id already experienced, it is windy in the high desert. Gust of over 25 mph are common in this town. One of the realities of life here is that you must hold on to your car door when opening it to get in or get out. These high winds are strong enough to slam a car door open and bend the the hinges. This is a very expensive fix. This a common incident here in Mountain Home.

What do you do if your door is slammed open and the hinges bend? First, do not force the door back to closed position. Second, contact a local repair shop to help you repair the damage. Many have just force the door back shut. But, this make it worst because now the damaged is worsen when you try to reopen the door. When the door is forced open again, the damaged hinges will cause the fender to bend and dent inward. As the hinge is still attached it will cause irreparable damage that now you will have to replace the door and panel assemblies. The financial cost in trying to re bend the door shut is expensive and many insurance holders have not bought the right policy to cover the cost of repairs.

Gray Car with dent damage on driver side door.
Bent Fender

Comprehensive Insurance:

Of the three main options, only comprehensive coverage pays for repairs outside of car accidents or other collisions. It is the only plan that takes care of you after acts of nature damage your car, such as a windstorm. With comprehensive coverage, you pay more for better coverage if you need repairs due to an event outside your control. However, you may have to pay at least some of the repairs depending on how high your deductible is. Before you close that door that was caught by the wind, contact your local auto body repair shop. They will provide you the right course of action before further damage is caused. In many cases save you money.

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